Site Work

Site Work

‘Site Work’ is the part of your construction project that involves everything that is not part of the physical structure of the house itself. Items that can be included in site work:


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Clearing and Grubbing refers to the removal unwanted of vegetation such as trees, shrubs, bushes, and other plants, as well as general debris, from a construction site. Clearing and grubbing is a crucial aspect of sitework because it physically clears the area of items directly in the way of the new building or development, or ones which might block access to the worksite.

Subgrade stabilization refers to the process of stabilizing soil levels below topsoil. This is done to prevent the ground from shifting or caving in while the construction work is being done. Stabilization is important because it prevents the soil beneath the foundation from later shifting or caving after construction has been completed.

Excavation refers to the process of removing soil and rock from the worksite. Excavation may be required to dig out an area as part of the construction and development project. Excavation requires large earthmoving equipment and work crews who are experienced and knowledgeable with the process and the soil and rock type present.

Construction and paving of driveways or walkways-As a homeowner, the appearance of your property’s driveway and walkways will significantly impact the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. If you have an old, cracked, stained driveway and unattractive walkways framing your property, the beautification efforts for your home will fall short.

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