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Building a new office space  or renovating an existing office? American Buildpro has the experience to get the job done right. Businesses build new offices and upgrade existing office spaces for a variety of reasons. Some businesses need more space to expand the company or refresh an outdated layout. Others are looking to meet new operations standards, optimize employee productivity levels or meet building code requirements. Whatever your unique requirements are, our team is ready.

American Buildpro is an experienced commercial office space contractor up to date on the latest standards, codes, styles, colors, lighting, etc. that are essential to your success. Our experienced team takes time to understand the needs and nuances of your particular business. We then design and build you a space that exceeds your expectations.

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We can help your business be ADA compliant and design renovations that are consistent with the law. The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and requires” public accommodations” to be accessible. Businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called “public accommodations” in the ADA. The ADA establishes requirements for 12 categories of public accommodations, which include stores, restaurants, bars, service establishments, theaters, hotels, recreational facilities, private museums and schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, shopping malls, and other businesses. Nearly all types of businesses that serve the public are included in the 12 categories, regardless of the size of the business or the age of their buildings.

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American Buildpro can help design and outfit medical office buildings, which are typically more complicated and must fit the necessary equipment.  Today’s medical office is no longer just a real estate deal on or near a hospital campus but must be an integral part of delivering a continuum of care, as a partnership between a hospital and private practices. Many of today’s medical buildings are all-in-one and can combine primary care, urgent care, specialty clinics, imaging, a lab, social services, a pharmacy, and sometimes even ambulatory surgery, all under one roof. American Buildpro will work to understand your practice and the mandates for rooms and space that come along with it.

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