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Property Maintenance

When you own a commercial property, you want it to operate smoothly, efficiently and without the hazards that can be a liability exposure. At American Buildpro, we can provide the following property maintenance services:

Interior Electrical/Lighting

With rising energy costs and shrinking operating budgets, it is essential to keep your electrical lighting systems maintained and efficient. Not only can this help decrease operating and energy costs and reduce wasted energy, it also can help enhance tenant brand image and improve visitor experience. We can inspect and regularly test wiring connections to maintain code and standards for your commercial property.

Heating/Cooling (HVAC)

Commercial property managers get more calls about HVAC systems than any other complaint, but you can avoid these calls and problems with a seasonally cleaned and properly maintained HVAC system. Our HVAC specialists can fix any heating or air conditioning issue. Services include installation, service, repair and advanced temperature control systems.

Exterior Services

We can fix your driveway or parking area, install exterior lighting
or create a new system that maintains your high safety standards. We can also install and exterior sign and the ancillary electrical wiring to power it. We also offer maintenance to your landscaping. Whatever your needs, you can trust American Buildpro to optimize your property value and appeal.

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