Restaurants Renovations And Upgrades

Selecting the right construction company to work on your restaurant project is daunting, since it is one of the most important things that can make or break your project. You want to know that the company can perform the proposed work, maintain a high level of attention to the project and be able to deliver within an acceptable timeframe and budget. You need an experienced contractor with prior restaurant experience since restaurant construction is very different from residential and other commercial constructions.

Why You Should Choose American BuildPro

Dining out is about more than just the food. To capture the imagination of your customer base, your restaurant must be able to offer great food, impeccable service and a certain ambience. The design of your restaurant can influence all three.

A restaurant build-out is complicated by extra rules and numerous regulations and both the restaurant designer and commercial construction partner must have an up-to-date knowledge of  health department requirements. American Buildpro has expertise in the following areas of restaurant construction.


All lighting used in restaurant construction must be covered where open food, linens, utensils, and food prep surfaces are present to avoid possible glass shatter in cooking and serving areas or special bulbs must be used.


Ventilation must be in place to prevent excess condensation, steam and heat in the building. Many restaurants require a hood system and fire suppression.


Any walls in food preparation, storage, and dishwashing areas must be easy to clean, smooth and of a non-porous material. Walls must also be free from cracks or holes. Sealants are required to protect against rodents and insects.


Flooring in food prep, storage and dish-washing areas must be easy to clean, smooth, and of a non-porous material. Carpeting may be approved in certain areas, similarly must be easy to clean and maintain. Carpeting is never allowed in restroom facilities.


Storage is an important consideration in restaurant construction. Chemicals and other hazardous materials require separate storage areas to avoid potential contamination near food, equipment or utensils. Garbage must have a contained and separate storage area. Food must also be stored in appropriate conditions with proper refrigeration as necessary and elevation of at least six inches from the floor.

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